Touch of Awareness  by Russell Makoto (nee McClelland).

Russell conveys the importance of attitude and self development in a natural way! (Sonia Moriceau... Healing touch shiatsu  UK).

This book is a must read for anyone interested in developing their intuitive faculty and especially for shiatsu therapists.

Russell uses shiatsu as a vehicle to explore the intuitive part of ourselves that has been suppressed in our modern culture.


A deeply spiritual book that takes us on a journey into the depths of what it is to be human.!

Touch of Awareness explores one of our most powerful allies in the quest for enlightenment. Understanding the communications of the universe can guide our days and reveal the depth of our true nature.When we bring our intuitive ability to consciousness and give it value, we have the means to receive the universal knowledge that has always been available to each and every one of us. In his book, Touch of Awareness, Russell uses the art of shiatsu as the primary vehicle to explore our intuitive ability and calls on many years study of Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, traditional cultures and the martial art of aikido to examine the essence of our connection with the matrix of the universe. A unique approach to the mechanism and manifestation of intuitive understanding; of direct understanding beyond the influence of the thinking mind.