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Reflections on a Shihan - David Brown

“There is not much I can do about such things as tai no henko with words. Even trying to explain ikkyo or some other technique with words just does not carry any weight. 

By themselves such techniques mean little. The connection with a thousand other small ideas make them up”. 

I don't remember the first time I met my teacher. I didn't know the significance of one teacher or another when I first began my training in aikido in 1998. This was because, in Melbourne, we were fortunate enough to have so many people training and there were so many teachers.

Interview with Rodrigo Castellanos 4th Dan

Rodrigo san is one of the most dedicated aikido practitioners I know.  His depth of understanding of aiki principles goes far beyond his years.

I asked Rodrigo about his background

My name is Rodrigo Castellanos.  I began practicing aikido almost 20 years ago in my late teens in Mexico under the direction of Michael Moreno Sensei, 6th Dan, and the Mexican Federation of Aikido.  In 2002 I travelled to Japan where I lived for nearly one year exclusively training in aikido and was graded shodan  at Hombu Dojo.