Books we've read and we feel are worthy of sharing. There is never enough time to read all the books we would like to so check out some of what we feel are the best.


Characters of Wisdom: Taoist tales of the acupuncture points by Debra Kaatz

“It is said that at conception the spirit of man has the purpose of his life whispered into his ear as he passes through the heavenly gateway into life.”


This text extends an invitation to traverse the many layers and plunge into the richness that exists within the depths of each acupuncture point. The body of this work is individual page explorations for 361 acupuncture points – taoist tales that illuminate the subtle nuances that can be tapped into during treatments.

The Double Aspect of the Heart by Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée

Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée is an internationally recognised author known for her translations of the classics. She also supervises student translations and teaches internationally. Her latest book, The Double Aspect of the Heart, explores the relationship between the heart and the pericardium/heart master; the sovereign and ministerial fire.


Nourishing Destiny by Lonny Jarrett

Nourishing Destiny is a deeply stirring and alchemical journey into the spiritual and psycho-emotional foundations of Chinese medicine. Although presenting as a textbook, Jarrett's fluid writing and insightful approach render this work easily accessible and readable from cover to cover. Chapters are short, summarised and closed with key questions that invite the reader to move beyond the intellect and connect to the teachings through their own experience.

The Spiritual foundations of aikido

The spiritual foundations of aikido

by William Gleeson

Destiny books

In the forward Mitsugi Saotome states “Gleeson shows no interest in the martial arts as they are commonly practised and portrayed, this book goes beyond the superficial stereotype and delves into aikido as a Budo” (the martial way). I have to concur with Saotome shihan, this book is a gold mine for the heart of anyone interested in the deeper aspects of the martial way, particularly aikido.