The spiritual traditions of our ancestors still have relevance in our modern world: their way of connecting with the earth and those we share her with can deepen our experience of life.


Perishing piano's & the elders

If I am fortunate enough to live my days out here on the land, in this most beautiful part of the world, in a home I have helped build, it is my fervent wish that I will share with my home the art of aging gracefully as the years go by...

A labyrinth journey

For many years two woman have held the vision of a community labyrinth in Dorrigo, NSW. The site was on crown land, which wasn't the easiest of areas to appropriate for the purpose, and yet with their patient persistence it has unfolded! With a grant for $10,000 and Bellingen Shire Council on board, the project is underway with a community gathering planned for the coming Solstice, which also marks the launch of this emagazine – an auspicious sign for us! Below I share my first walk on this labyrinth...   

Ode to eight...

What is numerology?

What feng shui is to houses, numerology is to people.

Essentially numerology can be used to understand, move and manage the various energies that comprise our existence.

Just as we can describe numbers, we can also be described by them.

I wake at 8am. My number. I count my       heartbeats and jump out of bed before the ninth…….

Akai shadow dancer

Am I a dog dreaming I am a butterfly?

Or...    Am I a butterfly dreaming I am a dog...?

Akai (our dog) has a interest in 'flutter-bys' of all descriptions. She is even more passionate in this field than she is as an aspiring ornithologist in which she devotes some hours every day. Yet Akai's interest in lepidopterology has one peculiar distinction to that of your regular student studying moths and butterflies, and that is that she is interested primarily in their shadows...

Returning to the market place

It has been a long journey... and yet the paradox remains that its unfolding was only ever in this very moment. In this very moment, all that has gone before remains within the now, just as the first strokes of the artist's paintbrush are ever present on the finished canvas we see before us.