These articles are dedicated to revitalising and nourishing ourselves and each other while treading lightly on mother earth. We will explore what it means to live a healthy life in all aspects of our being with a focus on the digestive system, growing or locally sourcing good food, TCM & using food as medicine, cooking with fire and coals and much more...


Some thoughts on Integrative Medicine

In the last 8 years of working as a clinician in both the Secondary and Primary care system, I come across cases that have been deemed “medical failures”. These are cases that include those which the specialist cannot do anything more for, or a diagnosis cannot be found. More recently, I see more and more of cases which turn up with ‘normal’ results, and in effect we declare the patient as well. Yet these patients continue to have genuine problems.

A case study - part 2: an Integrative Dr's approach

Over the next few articles, we will be looking at how an integrative Dr looks at a patient like Joanne; what differences an integrative approach brings and how this looks at Joanne physically, mentally, emotionally and bio-energetically. There was a psychologist many years ago who said that: “well-being means to be fully born, to become what one potentially is: it means to have the full capacity for joy and sadness, or, to put it still differently, to awake from the half-slumber the average man lives in and to be fully awake”.

A case study - part 1

The following case study will be run over a couple of articles so that we can publish perspectives from different contributors (check with your association for details on gaining CPE&D points if relevant). This first article will simply offer the client's perspective on their own health and from here on we will be accepting both allopathic & complimentary medicine perspectives from readers who wish to contribute - please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nourishing destiny...a discussion

To what extent do you see illness as a misalignment with one's destiny?

Recently I proposed the above question on a shiatsu forum, and sat back to await the fireworks. I was not disappointed.

Before we reflect on what unfolded, may I invite you to take a moment to ask yourself that very question and see what emotions or feelings, thoughts or refutations come to mind...?

Heavy metal

Creating a healthy centre

Have you heard of a DMPS challenge? Well I certainly hadn't before I met the holistic MD Fi (Rufina) Lam. I had heard of checking heavy metals from hair analysis tests, but this one was new to me.

Many health conditions are linked to elevated heavy metals in the body where tissues become inflamed and acidified from a consequent increase in free radicals and oxidative stress.

Gut health & TCM

Creating a healthy centre

It makes sense. In Japanese arts of the way such as Aikido (the way of unifying spirit), Kyudo (the way of archery), Chado (the way of tea) et al., the master is said to move from hara; to hold the sword with their hara; to feel the impetus to act from hara... This centre within us is where living a balanced life begins...

Health life 101

Making lifestyle change for the greater wellness

Why is being sick the new normal..?

Healthy Life 101….. Making Lifestyle Change for greater Wellness

These days it is nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper or magazine that doesn’t have at least one article on health, diet, or the benefits of exercise. If you don’t see articles then the advertisements section is bound to offer you a new product to improve your energy, sleep, or mood the latest new diet to help you lose those extra kilos. Given that our media topics are generated toward public interest, the proliferation of tips and advice on improving our health is a pretty clear sign that the health of this nation is fast becoming an issue for concern.

Bitter-sweet biscuits

Have you ever experienced an habitual default in yourself anew, with beginner's mind, as if you had stumbled upon it for the very first time?

Given that Russ & I enjoy a biscuit or two with our morning cuppa, and given my dislike of eating numbers in my food and the lack of true vitality in the packet variety, I decided to begin baking my own.