Nin gen Do, 'the path of being human' is the natural expression of our character as human beings. Explore the philosophy at the essence of our natural being.



The wing of wisdom

My nephew who was 16 at the time once made a statement that brings into sharp focus the journey of coming to wisdom. He said somewhat authoritatively, “when I was 14 I thought I knew everything; now, I know I know everything”! Profound words for a sixteen year old. Some 2,500 years before him a fellow named Socrates is attributed a statement that sits at the other end of life, “wisest are they that know they do not know”. These two quotes embody the essence of the journey to find wisdom.

Finding our unique path

Have you ever wondered what it is that you were born to do..?

What unique gift you have brought into this life that will make a difference in the world..?

How to be true to your life’s purpose..?

What is it to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning and face a day without enthusiasm, without energy, with a feeling of being trapped in a cycle with no way out?

The philosophy of Nin Gen Do

“What is it to be human”.......? This perplexing question has shadowed us since the dawn of humankind. It has been the driving force that has led sages to their mountain caves, sent philosophers to the depths of the mind and been the catalyst for countless life changing awakenings.

What seems like a lifetime ago I was on my way to northern India with the intention to undergo novice training as a Buddhist monk when the forces of life conspired a change in direction and I found myself in a remote mountain cave, home in Australia for an extended period of solitude. Coming back into the world was one of the most extraordinary times of my life. What I came back to was clarity. Clarity that the society you and I are a part of, is not in balance..