Words are more than a sentence to explain something, words as art cut through to our deepest emotion and touch places that give meaning to the human experience.


The hungry crow

What is it like to go without food?

How does it feel? What’s the effect on your mood?

The crow in the tree is calling to me.

He is asking for something, some food for his tea.

The sword of purification

I have come to know the treasure of you

With a depth and clarity profound

There is little that can be spoken

Yet I know what I have found


We are the same

Dew drop in the morning, balanced upon a leaf.

Softly, sitting, stillness, views the ground beneath.

I listen to her wonder, her sense of self belief.

Shiatsu & the art of receiving

Lay down your sword.  Surrender.

The journey within begins with it.

Feel yourself meet your own tension.

A moment of confrontation as you face the mirror of self. 

Witness yourself holding onto the past; anticipating the future.

What is the point of meeting tension with tension?

There is no point in resisting what you are calling upon to receive.

Falling leaves

Falling from the tree,

Spinning in sunlit shadows,

What is it that leaves?


Alone I sit

Alone I sit, solitude in time.

My heart expands, perception is mine.

Tears fill my eyes, for perfection I see.

I reach out my hand, the moon touches me.