The most potent bodywork is facilitated when there is stillness and time for the awareness of the receiver to bloom into healing. Shiatsu is one such modality that supports true healing by inviting a greater depth of experience to unfold within the client.


Shiatsu through the seasons

It has been many moons now since I began living more deeply in connection with nature. Reflecting back, there has been an incremental shift in my perspective on life that feels so inherently natural that it is hard to imagine how it could ever have been otherwise. And slowly, this conscious return back to the roots of my own nature, is informing how I practise shiatsu.

Post-graduate shiatsu: reflections on receiving

...Never underestimate the power of receptivity...

Indulge me a moment with a hypothetical scenario. Imagine that you are in the shoes of the client and you have not been feeling quite right these last years with a health complaint. You have been to this doctor and that one; this natural therapist and quite a few more, and yet it would seem that no one can help you.

A country practice

Wendi has practised complementary therapies in Mt Beauty for nearly twenty years. As well as shiatsu she is a qualified naturopath, herbalist and acupuncturist. 

"Being a registered nurse, midwife and shiatsu practitioner in Mt Beauty has opened my eyes to what community spirit is and its existence in a small town goes far beyond anything I have experienced living in cities.

Shiatsu & intuition

Author of ‘Touch of Awareness: an exploration into intuitive shiatsu'

Allowing intuition into the shiatsu session is a profoundly spiritual experience.

When I use the word spiritual, I use it in the context of our connection to something that goes beyond the boundary of our physical body, beyond the ‘small’ self, into a state where we experience ourselves as the infinite beings we are.

Interview with Tracey Matheson

(Italics are the interviewer's own reflections)

Tracey has always held an ethereal quality for me. Ever dressed in gorgeous flowing creams and whites, a hint of sparkling glitter and perfume that trails in her wake, this tall lady in heels would not perhaps elicit one to guess at first a vocation in barefoot shiatsu.