What is numerology?

What feng shui is to houses, numerology is to people.

Essentially numerology can be used to understand, move and manage the various energies that comprise our existence.

Just as we can describe numbers, we can also be described by them.

I wake at 8am. My number. I count my heartbeats and jump out of bed before the ninth…….

a syncopated start to the day. I am experiencing an 8 type year so tend towards activities and event in groups of that number. It’s all about supporting the current flow – the more wind in my sails so-to-speak. Let me introduce myself. I am a Numerologist. More correctly a Dancing Numerologist. Obsessed by number, I see patterns everywhere. I eat Fibonacci for breakfast and walk with Pythagoras to my letterbox at the bottom of the garden.

For me, numbers are not just a dry statistical experience. Numbers are rich in ideas and stories, filled with untapped landscapes. This so-called secondary language that most people use daily and take for granted, is in some ways, my primary language. Those nine little integers are my buddies through the mundane and often into the spiritual. They open doors, rotate vistas, initiate conversations and sometimes boggle my mind. Take a walk with me.

I head out onto the verandah to catch the early morning sun and start my morning exercise routine. I start skipping and count to 800 (last year all my exercises were in 7’s). I am thinking about the qualities I want to encourage and develop this year. My new mantra is “I am Entrepreneurial, Vivacious and Honorable.” A word for every skip. These qualities are in alignment with an 8 theme.

Quality of 8:

ORGANISATION, mastery, power, control, vigour, force, attainment, strength, potency, energy, leadership, charisma, command, authority, dominion, capable, influence, money, brawn, materialism, abundance, infinity sign…

Many Asian cultures acknowledge of power of 8. You would be surprised to discover how many Asian restaurants and businesses have 8 somewhere in their title. 8 is seen to denote luck, prosperity and abundance. Check out the next casino you drive past and the roulette wheel that is on the sign outside. There are many numbers on the wheel but there is always one number that is positioned at the top. You guessed it – lucky number 8. If you are staying with Thai friends and one of their pet fish dies (the 8th one as it so happens), expect to go to a fish store in the middle of the night to correct the problem.

After breakfast it is time for piano. If you are a musician you already know the world of music is full of numbers. There are 8 keys in a basic scale (hence octave) and 88 keys to your standard piano. I could talk for hours about why 88 keys. Today I play a song that is in 2/8 time. Let’s face it, I could find 8 in an empty cave on a lonely mountain. Wait – wisdom and enlightenment are 8 concepts… Where might one go looking for them I wonder?

Part of my role as a Numerologist is running charts for people. In the beginning lacking the skills and confidence I struggled working with skeptics and naysayers. Now, I love a skeptical audience – the more potential there is for mind-blowing revelations and shifts in perception. What is Numerology? What Feng Shui is to houses, Numerology is to people. Essentially Numerology can be used to understand, move and manage the various energies that comprise our existence. Just as we can describe numbers, we can also be described by them. We are many numbers – interacting and playing out certain dynamics in our lives. More specifically, we are one or two very particular numbers. These two numbers sing like a duet and describe in part what we are here to learn about, hence manifest. There are 9 basic numbers, so 9 different profiles. In keeping with our 8 theme, let’s have a look at an 8 profile.


Boss, Entrepreneur, Ski instructor, CEO, General, Leader, Captain, Helicopter pilot, Drill sergeant, Hero, Conqueror

8’s are learning about:


finding strength, endurance and control; using your charisma and power to lead others; finding abundance by embracing the material world and sharing that wealth with others; finding wisdom; exploring the positive aspects of authority, control and fame…

Some characteristics of an 8:

strong-willed, independent, courageous, adventurous, dynamic…

Of all the different profiles and people that have come to see me over the years, the one I have seen the least is… that’s right – 8’s. No surprises really. 8 personalities are very self-sufficient (or at least they act that way).

The discussion above is about fixed numbers that stay with you all your life – for better or for worse. We can also talk about biorhythms or shifting energies that we call Seasons. Remember the 7 year itch? 7 signifies introspection and reflection. What am I doing here? Is this relationship working for me? etc… After we have experienced a 7 type year or Season, what follows is an 8 Season: a big shift in energies acting upon the decisions and realisations born out of the 7 year.


POWER, independence, business, wisdom, rapid growth, big ideas, abundance, movement, energy, expansion, freedom…

After many years of working with people and running thousands of charts, a majority of people have come to me in their… that’s right – 8th Season. Coincidence? Or is it because these people are feeling more alive and open to new ideas and experiences? More tends to be happening (relative to the previous year) and so consultation is often sort out.

It is afternoon now and I go to my favourite café – Amanda’s café – to sit and study. This café is very successful and without a doubt the driving force and reason for it’s success is the owner Amanda. When you walk in the door, regardless of how busy it is, she calls out your name and says hello. It feels like you’re coming home and I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way. As I sit at my table in the corner I count the number of 8’s I can see around the room. This isn’t about the cave thing again – Amanda actually likes the number 8, and so has a few paintings, sculptures and decorations reveling in this particular number. I count 7 at least and that is just what I can see from where I am sitting. Ahhh, I am sitting at table 8! It’s a great place for networking and meeting people. Amanda (and her café) is a very charismatic, charming and organised personality. Sound like 8 type qualities to you? I have yet to ask her what her birth date is – perhaps next time.

It has been a good day. I have gotten much done, ticked many boxes, and feel that I am on track. I am reminded of the saying “Where attention goes, energy flows.” I am choosing to manifest the qualities of 8 in my life at this time. “I am Entrepreneurial, Vivacious and Honorable.” It is now time for bed. I set my alarm for 8am and begin counting sheep 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…

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