Wendi has practised complementary therapies in Mt Beauty for nearly twenty years. As well as shiatsu she is a qualified naturopath, herbalist and acupuncturist.

“Being a registered nurse, midwife and shiatsu practitioner in Mt Beauty has opened my eyes to what community spirit is and its existence in a small town goes far beyond anything I have experienced living in cities.

The thing I’ve noticed about living in a small town, pop 2300, is that most people have more than one income stream, whether they are in hospitality, retail or health-care, most people have a few part time jobs that allows them to generate the funds to cover their life expenses. As a registered nurse and midwife I work two days a week at the hospital as an RN and one day as midwife, depending on our seasonal busy times. I tend to fit my Natural Therapies and Shiatsu treatments around my rostered work, sometimes doing a shiatsu before I work a late shift.

As a tourist destination we have quite a few visitors to town but I’ve found my regular clients come from my other work places; many from the hospital staff members and their families as well as our yoga group. I don’t advertise but word of mouth in a small town is pretty amazing; I get quite a few clients just doing my shopping at the local supermarket. I have found that if I know what I am doing for the next couple of weeks I can give them a date and time if someone in the supermarket says, “I need to come and see you”.

Doing an exchange with another masseur is also a worthwhile practice as we both benefit from having regular treatments and there is some cross referral. She sends clients to me who need cupping and I refer to her when I’m away or if someone wants an oil massage.

The longest standing client I have is my yoga teacher: she has been enjoying a shiatsu every month for 10 years and I have been loving my yoga classes.

Being a registered nurse, midwife and shiatsu practitioner in this town has opened my eyes to the community spirit that exists in small towns and that just doesn’t exist in the city. It takes a while to make the connections that exist between families and groups but once made they are invaluable when running a country practice.

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