Lay down your sword. Surrender.

The journey within begins with it.

Feel yourself meet your own tension.

A moment of confrontation as you face the mirror of self.

Witness yourself holding onto the past; anticipating the future.

What is the point of meeting tension with tension?

There is no point in resisting what you are calling upon to receive.

Instead just breathe.

Breathe deep into your belly and fill the worlds within,

And then let it go fully, with your blessing, to the universes without.

Curiosity is the only sword one may carry to the world within.

Open, vulnerable curiosity,

And before its edge of compassion falls the foe:

The unloved self.

Do not heed the mind of desire – not “more pressure here”,

Nor “I like more of this, less of that”;

But rather, “here presents an opportunity to witness self”.

To see in this moment anew,

The stories you are writing; the tapestry you are weaving.

Who are you becoming? What are you creating?

Ever here in this moment, ever now, is your becoming.

A foot grows out of winter’s tears (GB41),

As one weeps silently in the stillness.

All falls from this moment,

That is not of this moment’s calling.

And then listening deeper one falls into the well

Of the inner mysterious valley (KD10).

Here we receive the gifts of the experiences that come to us.

Annica Makoto

Artwork by Lucy Pierce

Titled ‘she meets herself’

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