What is it like to go without food?

How does it feel? What’s the effect on your mood?

The crow in the tree is calling to me.

He is asking for something, some food for his tea.

I used to abide him, give him a scrap.

Out on the ledge, he was happy with that.

He calls out again, pleading to me.

How can I face him, what’s it to be.

My belly is empty, my conscious is torn.

What can I tell him, he looks so forlorn?

He strikes at my heart, waiting up there.

My belly is empty, how to be fair?

The food that I hold is all that I own.

It has to sustain me, my belly will moan.

This food is my life, my hunger is keen.

I wish now that crow had never I seen.

He sits in the tree looking at me.

I know he is hungry, it is winter you see.

He understands nothing, he just feels the pain.

He is cold wet and hungry, it is starting to rain.

What can I do, there’s little for me?

But what of my friend, up there in the tree?

My heart gives a little, my head not at all.

I cannot enjoy it while the crow he does call.

Now that I’m hungry, my belly does moan.

I know how he feels, that crow on his own.

I know in my heart we both feel the same.

With him, I share my food and our pain.

Russell Makoto

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