I have come to know the treasure of you

With a depth and clarity profound

There is little that can be spoken

Yet I know what I have found

Inside the walls where flowers bloom

You came to meet me there

I was frightened by the presence of you

Golden light playing in your hair

As the garden walls encompassed us

You reached out to take my hand

I didn’t understand the depth of you

I had been long in wasted lands

In this place where spirit opens us

You saw me with my shield

Instead of throwing down my sword

I cut deeply to be healed

In your wound I found myself

In your tears I cleansed my soul

In the pain that I gave to you

I found the courage to be whole

Now I know the treasure of you

My heart can love again

It is from this place of opening

I reach out a trembling hand

Reaching out to touch your hair

It no longer shines with gold

I see your feet upon the earth

The plain truth of what you hold

My shield I leave outside the gate

You stand there sword unsheathed

In this place where spirit opens us

My pain is now released

Russell Makoto

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