Dew drop in the morning, balanced upon a leaf.

Softly, sitting, stillness, views the ground beneath.

I listen to her wonder, her sense of self belief.

Dingo howling gently, looks toward the moon.

Sorrow, stillness, singing, gives birth his mournful tune.

I hear his understanding, death will be here soon.

Smoke hanging in the treetops, holding moons soft gaze.

Stillness, sifting, shadow, cloaked tender in his haze.

I smell his sense of being, his method and his ways.

Spiders eye is shinning, catching moons soft light.

Spinning, silken, stillness, toiling on through the night.

I feel her supple rhythm, her sense of what is right.

Breath is gently steaming, I sit in moons domain.

Stillness, settles, softly. With her I will remain.

In stillness understanding, with dew drop I am the same..!

Russell Makoto 2000

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