Tsukido is a Japanese art that translates as:
The Way of the Moon
It is a lunar way/path that can help us to consciously re-member (put back together) our connection with the natural world. As we bring awareness to this cycle of ebb and flow, we find its rhythm holds a key to restoring wholesome relationship not only with the outside world but within ourselves.

The ‘Wise Wheels’ that are the foundation of this art are fractals of the same pattern of the Taijitu (yin/yang). They draw on a millennia of wise ways before me and integrate insights from the traditions of aikido, shiatsu, traditional East Asian medicine, shamanism and a live lived deeply immersed in nature. These Wheels (available in the Store) offer their medicine as we create relationship to them. Weekly blogs on this topic will take you deeper into your own re-connection and healing …

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