$7.95  free postage

The ‘Wise Wheels’ are now available as a beautiful set of 6 gift cards! They have been lovingly created in a collaborative weaving with my sisters, with the background artwork by Lucy Pierce (www.lucypierce.com). These ‘maps’ help us to bring our connection with the natural world into conscious awareness where we can have access to their wisdom in our everyday life. At a time when there is so much disconnection in the world these cards help us to reconnect, make decisions that support us better, conserve our energy, and consequently heal as we re-member our wholeness. Send them as gifts, or explore them as a personal journey, with your children or in groups! They are fractals of the same pattern of the Taijitu (the yin/yang symbol) and draw on a millennia of wise-women’s ways before me, integrating wisdom from the traditions of aikido, shiatsu, traditional East Asian medicine (TEAM), shamanism and a life lived deeply immersed in nature. Enjoy!

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