Winter solstice is upon us. For us here at Ningendo, this time of year sees cosy fires, frosty mornings and beautiful sunny days. The winter sun is gentle and the short days give long evenings by the fire reading and working on projects long accumulated. As always the list of tasks waiting attention extends over the horizon, and as always the top ten is a fluid mix. One thing at a time is a great illusion. The juggling act is a daily occurrence with an overnight bandicoot raid on the vegie garden creating a new priority the next day, or a shower of rain rearranging a building project.


The zen garden entrance to the dojo is now complete and I must say that we are very happy with the outcome. Bamboo, stepping stones, raked pebbles and feature stone create a beautiful walkway to the dojo.



We have begun the final building project with the laying of foundations for a cobb cottage. When complete, this will allow the cottage we presently inhabit to be free for uchi-deshi (live-in student) accommodation. This will provide us with much more flexibility for people wishing to spend time with us. At present we can only accommodate one or two students at a time, which limits our ability to fit in with people’s timetables.

Akhalita has been exploring a very deep rabbit hole for some time now that is beginning to reveal a new dimension to what we are offering at Ningendo. Building on her passion for working with the sacred feminine, the journey down the rabbit hole has led to a light being shed on the empowered fierce feminine. It is not quite ready for birthing yet, but the pieces of the puzzle are mostly in place. It is a very exiting project and one that has the potential to re-orientate and add a deeper level to what we offer. Watch this space. Very exciting.

Hoping this winter solstice sees all our tribe embracing the great turning with spirit of renewal.


Akhala and Russ

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