Spring equinox salutations! Looking out into our minimalist garden this spring, it is evident that we are in one of the worst droughts to hit the state for years. Consequently, Russ and I have decided to invest in a glockemann pump and put it in down at the creek 70 metres below. It will mean that we can keep our food garden thriving next year, which has become a priority.  It will also mean that our ducks will finally get their pond and that we can keep it clean, watering the orchard when it gets too murky and refreshing the water supply. And, most importantly, we can put in a ‘shishi odoshi’ (Japanese deer clacker)! I’ve always wanted one of those, despite the fact that there are no deer here. Perhaps we can call it a bandicoot clacker—of those we have ample.


Building news? The cob cottage, which is the final dwelling to be built, is progressing. At this stage we anticipate having the roof on by the end of the year, though the project is of course weather dependent, so we shall see … The completion of this cottage will mean that Russ and I will finally move out of the ‘student accommodation’ and free that up for visitors.


Then there is the dojo. It feels auspicious that the ‘kamiza’ (altar) went in today, ready for an Aikido gathering we are having here in just over two weeks. Our teacher from Melbourne will be staying with us along with some local & interstate aikidoka, and it will be really special to have this Shihan officially ‘open’ the dojo, teach and train. We’ll be up tomorrow morning with our new úchi-deshi (live-in student) for 6am meditation in the zendo followed by aikido in the dojo. It has certainly been a full last few months here with a regular flow of students.

Lastly, there is more news on the ‘Amazonian Arts’ project I’ve been weaving with sisters. I put together a proposal and I’ve been invited to teach at the School of Shamanic Womancraft next year to offer an introduction to this work. Russ and I will be offering the full program at our home here at Ningendo for individual archetypes of the ‘Warrioress’. Curious? Want to go on the mailing list and have a look at the ‘Womanifesto’? If you would like to know more visit my website.

That’s all from us for now. Do keep in touch!

May you deeply align with balance in your life this Equinox,

Russ & Akhalita





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