The Great Turning[1] is underway. Are you a part of this? Or are you looking the other way?

Time for inaction has run out. Reconnecting with the natural world that is the source of life, is the first step in remembering who we are. When we remember who we are, all manner of opportunities to be a part of the Great Turning arise. Have you put your bare feet on the earth lately? Have you watched a sunset or been awake to experience the dawning of a new day?

At Ningendo we are unfolding a new framework for women in particular to understand and work with their own inner authority in the dawning of this epoch.

The Amazonian Arts has been consuming our time these past few months and no doubt will continue to do so for some time to come. Dusting off long unused bushcraft skills, experimenting with tactics and weapons that we have not before needed. Researching smithing skills and the arts of bow, sling and knife making, are a few of the pursuits we have been following.

Alongside this, the daily rhythm of living in the natural world continues to ground us in a way that we find more and more nurturing. After some years now of being away from the bright lights of the city, that world has become as foreign as another planet. On the few occasions that we visit, the jarring, manic tempo causes a shrinking away that brings home how foreign and disrupting this environment is to the human condition.




We have enjoyed a steady flow of uchi-deshi (live-in students) during January and February. A couple of them have returned to deepen their connection to this part of the world. And the hermitage has been home to a couple of hermits lately, sinking into a deeper connection with themselves.







There has been many a trip to the creek and river through the warm months to dip into the mountain water, purify the spirit and soak in the beauty.





On the building front, the cobb cottage is in the process of acquiring a hat, which will ease the pressure of keeping mud walls covered during the thunderstorm season. Speaking of which, a deluge of golf ball size hail yesterday took out two tubes on the solar hot water system, so now I am in the process of repair and creating a protective cover.




Tomorrow a morning dunk in the wild cattle waters and an evening community labyrinth walk in recognition of the autumn equinox. This year is set to be a particularly potent day with the union of the Solar Sabbath Mabon with the Full Moon Esbat: a dance between the God and the Goddess so to speak. May it be a power-filled day for all beings.

We hope all is well in your world, and extend an invitation to come stay with us sometime.
Akhalita & Russ

[1] This term was first coined by Depth Ecologist, Joanna Macy.





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