Down at the depth of night now. Breath steaming mornings, crisp and clear. Short days, mild, sun-warmed back, open to the day. Long evenings, warmed by fire, feet toasty. My favourite time of year.



The time of pruning fruit trees. Such an art to know each tree, how and when she fruits. Which wood to take, what to leave. I am slowly finding my way with the secateurs. The chainsaw and axe is a more familiar route but I have found the trees require a little more sensitivity to thrive:) The citrus are in full stride now. Heavy with ruby grapefruit, lemons, lime, mandarins and cumquats to come. Akhalita has a twenty litre bucket over the fire full of marmalade jam steaming down, ready to bottle. Can’t wait.

The mud is finished. The mud is finished. The mud is finished. Cobb, base render and finish coat, all finished, done! It has taken one week short of a year. What a journey. We learnt the hard way how much mud you can put on a wall before it slumps into a huge pile that resembles a gigantic cow pat and is nothing like vertical. We learnt the hard way how much rain a semi-dry wall will soak up before it loses its verticality and gains a lot of horizontality (is that a word?). But we got there, and we love it. Built in the shape of a nautilus shell to sacred geometry dimensions.


For the shiatsu people reading this (and for that matter, the non-shiatsu people who would like to delve into the shiatsu world) are you are interested in a live-in shiatsu mentorship stay? We offer uchi-deshi (live-in student) stays that allow you to sink into a deeper rhythm. While shiatsu is the central theme, it is complimented with aikido, meditation, yoga, archery and gardening. Off-grid and surrounded by national park, we live at the junction of two waterways. It is incredibly beautiful here: I have to pinch myself sometimes to check I’m not in a dream. If you would like more information email


The Amazonian Arts project is taking on a life of its own. Today Akhalita held an introduction in Dorrigo at a newly built ‘temple’ space (I renovated!) that is owned by one of the Midwives to this project. There they held a gathering that drew more than 20 people, which is quite a considerable number given the size of our town! There were women who came from hours away who didn’t even know much about the project but just felt they needed to be there: following signs and their intuition. Most certainly there is something about this project that is a little more than Magickal! If you would like to know more visit the website and sign up at the bottom of this page for a fortnightly blog/vlog to keep up to date click here:

Solstice love to you all and many thanks for your support and interest in our offerings!

Russ & Akhalita

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