A Belated Solstice Salutations!



As some of you are aware it has been an intense couple of months for us with bush fires coming to within a few hundred metres from where we live. There have been many days dedicated to working with others to blackout fires as they reached the creek that boarders our community and beyond to neighbouring properties. Luckily we had the support of the NPWS (NSW Parks and Wildlife Services) and the RFS, at times working with water bombing choppers, which saved our community on at least one occasion when the fire crossed the river. It was a bookmark moment to be at the end of a day, heaving another backpack of water up the bank as we worked on a section of fire, to suddenly have water raining down from the chopper on us and doing the job ten-fold! It’s gruelling work, day in – day out, and has personally fostered an even deeper appreciation for all those firefighters volunteering their time to this demanding work, protecting others and their property.




If we take a step back though, I can tell you how the Broomstick Martial Arts session unfolded at the magickal Merconference unfolded with the School of Shamanic Womancraft! A slight adjustment was to be had when the vision of a grassy lush training circle turned into one narrow long strip up a steep bank with women swinging their brooms about and spread out further than the eye could see! I think it was I who got the most exercise that morning running up and down the ranks only just escaping being knocked off the escarpment multiple times! So no, it didn’t quite go all to plan and I didn’t get them all flying, but I think there was much fun had for the most part:) And on the second day we met the Warrioresses and I spoke to the greater vision of the Amazonian Arts and the coming of the Clan Mothers …



After returning from the Merconference I hit the ground running as co-host for a weekend of Aikido training prearranged with our teacher up from Melbourne and a full dojo of students staying at our home. It was a weekend of many insights, laughter, rain, ‘french’ (xanthorrhoea) polishing of weapons (our teacher also makes shakuhatchi flutes and violins and knows his varnishes!), fire-cooked fair (grateful to have the assistance of one of our Medicine Women!), dogs and the fitting of a rather large hobbit door (we finally moved into our Cobb cottage!) with a touch stone shiela na gig above!

We hope you had a beautiful Solstice,
Akhalita & Russ





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