Dear friends, what epic times we find ourselves in. Certainly the Mabon/Equinox theme of letting go is at play for so many of us as we take stock of our lives and the extra complexities they may be undergoing as a consequence. It would seem that we are each tasked with navigating our own uniquely difficult terrain in these times ahead. And yet, it’s so important that we find ways to support each other while not putting the vulnerable in our communities in positions of increased risk.

One consequence in our lives is that we have just suspended the 13 Moons Journey in the physical until further notice. In reflection, it feels powerful that we had the inaugural Priestess circle in February (photo inset!). This feels to have opened up a portal of sorts that will allow us to continue the work, albeit through the ether (online) for now, when it is so needed. For the focus is on building resilience, keeping our connection, and fostering our inner warrior at this time – what could be more appropriate I wonder?

Already in the first month of working with the Virgo archetype of the Priestess I have encountered deep shadows around self-worth that have required me to step up and speak to the worth that I know sits deeper than this in my bones. It is hard and painful work at times and yet this has put the Amazonian Arts in the path of a possible short doco opportunity that I don’t believe would otherwise have (wo-)manifested. Now we are on the lookout for opportunities to receive funding and philanthropic support for this doco to proceed so that it can reach out into the world to remind all women and the feminine of their inherent value.

It has been such a time of extremes. Bushfires: two and a half months surrounded by fires, and then floods. We are closing in on one metre of rain so far this year (twice what we received for the whole of last year). And now pestilence? It’s becoming rather biblical with this new viral presence of Covid 19. The saying, “may you live in interesting times” comes to mind.

The other day I heard someone saying we should cancel 2020 and go straight to 2021. Maybe that would be the easy thing to do, but the learning opportunities we are now being offered would be missed.

These times are an opportunity. Some will stand up and grasp them; others will be blinded by fear and become smaller. Our response is in our own hands. We are that powerful.

Wishing all of us the courage to meet this time of testing: may the road rise up to meet you and the wind be at your back.

Much love,

Akhalita & Russell



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