And on, and on we go. Where we end, nobody knows…. Down in the depths of winter now, the longest night, the shortest day. The dark has won the battle, what is left to lose? The light is at its weakest, down in the pit of darkness all seems lost. Finally, finally we let go and allow ourselves the freedom in relinquishing all, and in that exquisite moment there is a change, a shift, a rounding of the bend. The sun turns his head, looks over his shoulder and, knowing it is time to return, begins the long journey home. Our head raises and once again there is hope. The light will return.


The rhythm of the natural world is inescapable. Cycles continue regardless of the play of human beings. If we accept this, give ourselves perspective, we can be a positive part of the huge changes that are awash in the world at this time. Balance is one of the natural laws, and it will be returned, whether we like it or not. The pendulum has swung to its furthermost point and now it has begun to return. Either get on board, or get out of the way, there is no other choice. It won’t be stopped.


Our persimmon tree a few weeks ago

The question is. How do I get on board? For us at Ningendo, we are doing our best to live closer to the earth, her rhythms and cycles. Doing our best to turn away from the old paradigm of competition.

Akhalita is moving into a new phase with the Amazonian Arts as we have had this time to drop into the dreaming and deeply listen to the next part of the vision calling to be received. Consequently, she is embarking on the creation new and powerful online companion to the physical gatherings she will be resuming in the coming months. This has taken the project a notch up in terms of our investment so that the 13 Moons course can be delivered on a quality platform that offers a much deeper experience for the journey-women than the previous format of PDF. It is an exciting shift in gears as we formally bring on board and engage other women with allied skills to support this new part of the vision. Not to mention an entire new branch of the offering that will be available to men … But that is for another newsletter!

We hope you all have a transformational winter solstice. Leaving behind the things that no longer serve and embracing the coming journey to abundance.


Akhalita & Russsell

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