Spring equinox… the return to balance. Think BIG picture. Something is becoming…..

Coming out of winter and into the spring procession of blossom. Peach, plum, nectarine, quince, pear and then plum again. One after the other they provide a feast for the bees as well as our eyes, and hopefully our bellies if we can keep the bower birds and parrots at bay. We have built a solar dehydrator over the winter in anticipation of the summer crops and so far we have dried Dorrigo pepper, turmeric, and pumpkin with great success. On a sunny day it sits 20+ degrees over the day temp with a gently down draft running through.

Through the winter we have also managed to maintain a misogi practise at the dragon point of Wild cattle creek and the Nymboida river. Three immersions and 21 breaths in the icy mountain waters that got down as low 8 degrees in the depth of winter can be oddly addictive over time. There is an element to this practice that make me feel completely alive and full of gratitude.



The first sweat lodge ceremony on the land where we live was shared by some kindred spirits. Akhalita is developing this ceremony as part of the Amazonian Arts Vision. Wedge-tailed eagles who made their presence known on both days we were building the lodge became Gryphon (half lion/half eagle) medicine who fiercely guards the gateways here as we access the medicinal realms of mythology and archetypes through this practice.

Antics in the vege garden

look mum, no hands

After needing to pause the greater gathering of women earlier this year, Akhalita has turned obstacle into opportunity and has her head down at present hard at work to complete an online 13 Pathways Journey which will give women access to the work of the Amazonian Arts from their own homes. This will be launched next month with the online women’s festival the Seven Sisters and will also herald the launch of the new Amazonian Arts website that speaks to the greater vision. Here you can take advantage of a mini giveaway Pathway for women to experience what this work is all about. If you are planning to buy yourself a ticket and tune in to the launch, the Amazonian Arts will be presenting Saturday 17th of October in the evening from 7.30-9pm: click here for more information.


Wishing you all a balanced and peaceful equinox.


Akhalita & Russell






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